How Human Resources Can Use Design Thinking to Improve Employee Engagement

1. Design thinking helps you understand your employees.

2. Design thinking helps you take action on that new understanding.

3. Design thinking helps you look at the end-to-end experience.

4. Design thinking helps you look at the employee experience in a holistic way.

  • What is an employee’s experience like when they are on vacation? Do they have to check email? Are they getting text messages from colleagues? Are they able to truly disconnect?
  • What is an employee’s experience with accounting? Are they easily able to get answers that they need for managing budgets? Does it take weeks to get a paycheck problem resolved? Does their point of contact change every time they need help?
  • How does an employee’s commute impact their experience on the job? Do they arrive to work flustered because public transit was unreliable once again or because the parking situation is impossible?
  • How are they able to nourish themselves onsite? Is there ample water available? Are a variety of affordable, and/or healthy food options available within walking distance of the office?

5. Design thinking results in your employees feeling invested in their experience.

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Coonoor Behal, Mindhatch

Coonoor Behal, Mindhatch


Founder of Mindhatch // Design Thinking // Organizational Improv // Innovation Facilitation