Psychological Safety in the Workplace: Why Improv Can Help

Why You Keep Hearing About Psychological Safety

Why Is Psychological Safety So Important?

Why Improv Can Create Psychological Safety

  • Improv performers are trained to generate ideas, but to do so in ways that are rapid and support the contributions that others have made. Common techniques include the classic “Yes, And” mindset, but also behaviors designed to make each other look good like practicing how you can make what someone else just said true. All of this sparks quick, supportive, and creative thinking.
  • The improv mindset encourages being bold and taking risks that are productive contributions precisely because they are informed by what came before.
  • Improv teaches skills for handling obstacles in a collaborative and productive way. For example, you learn creative ways to turn mistakes into opportunities so that the group can keep moving forward.

In a way, improv both requires psychological safety, and also creates it.

Want to learn more about how organizational improv can promote psychological safety, boost innovation, and engage your team Contact Mindhatch today.



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Coonoor Behal, Mindhatch

Coonoor Behal, Mindhatch

Founder of Mindhatch // Design Thinking // Organizational Improv // Innovation Facilitation